Artwork, FC6 and the freeze freeze

by davidnielsen

Dear artwork team

New artwork would be a feature right? One that should be subjected to the same level of testing as code. Being that it seems prudent to point out that the feature freeze for FC6 was July 19.

As a tiny 3 min review reveals there’s still a lot of testing left to be done:

Inconsistent symbol use to indicate new (both star and plus symbols are being used).

Spacing on large pause icon.

Arrow colour on application-exit icon, it’s red whereas every other arrow is blue (redo/undo being the only other exceptions to the general rule)

It is my impression that the large icons are supposed to be in prespective, many do not appear as such. I have no idea if this inconsistency is intended.

I’m also wondering why the prespective orientation was chosen, historically we have had icons oriented right to left not left to right in terms of fading point. It might just be me but the icons seem much smaller following the new standard. Additionally the applications-graphics icon seems to be oriented left-right not right-left like the other ones.

Anyways the point being we should delay deployment till first thing in the FC7 cycle to allow for long time testing to occure. Artwork is an important feature and should for the good of our users undergo lenghty testing. It is after all the primary means to conveying information outside of strings and one that doesn’t need translation. So in a case where a translation hasn’t been done it’s dead important that the artwork helps the user as much as possible.