When life gives you muthafuckin’ snakes

by davidnielsen

… put them on a plane.

When life gives you dmraid, realise that upgrading your FC5 system will make it fail to boot.

Sometimes I hate technology, dmraid seemed like a relatively sane thing, however I have yet to see it not blow up in my face. Having just moved gig after gig of data onto my fancy new 800GB dmraid setup I’m rather inclined to not repeat the install not to mention finding a way to actually backup all my lovely data again now that my old 120GB drive has found a new home in my friend Davids machine.

I’m guessing the way to make dmraid work once and for all would be to beat the vendors over their collective heads untill code and specs comes out, hopefully with clean references implementations as well. Sadly my vendor is of all companies, nvidia, whom we can always count on to provide only binary modules that cause random undebugable failures. Had I known that Intel were going to be our new best friends I would have bought myself one of their setups instead of the AMD64 X2 one I have now.

Also dear Lazyweb, can thou tell me if the LG Electronic 204WT display will do widescreen using X.org. The price looks good given the amazing feature set but reports seem to indicate some degree of trouble actually getting them to work with X.org. LG are being their usual unhelpful selves, currently all I’ve gotten from them is automate replies. I guess if they get enough complaints over their lack of entries in their FAQs concerning Linux they might consider fixing it, if not all I wasted is 10 mins typing an email.