Western Digital should be ashamed of themselves

by davidnielsen

Yesterday I picked up two 400 GB drives from my local store. I’ve been wanting to upgrade from my 120GB ATA drive to some kind of SATA setup preferredly a RAID and who would argue with reasonably priced 400 GB drives with 16 megs of cache and NCQ.

The first obvious problem is that my Shuttle system doesn’t actually contain enough power connectors to run 2 SATA drives, a DVD burner and the old ATA drive so I decided to connect the two SATA drives and install Fedora on the new RAID, then connect the ATA drive and copy the data over. Sound easy right?

WRONG.. in my infinite wisdom I went with the default for Fedora and used LVM thinking, there has to be a reason why we do this so who am I to disagree. Now when I connected the old drive to copy over the data I noticed the obvious problem.. both LVM groups had the same name and that turned out to royally confuse the system. It claimed both were active and mounted when only the new setup was actually working. Having never worked with LVM outside of the anaconda installer before this actually required work, I now realise how spoiled I am by Fedora. A bit of tinkering later and my data was saved – needless to say LVM went the way of the dinosaur in the process. It was a late night though, figuring out a solution kept me up till 5am, although that included fixing the keyboard issue I had so I can now make the @ sign again.. yay!

Now the surprise, you’d think when buying something that’s labelled 400GB you’d get at least close to that. However when stripping the disks the combined storage is only about 720GB. That’s just disgraceful of Western Digital to continue this kind of marketing. If they want to call their devices 400GB drives that should be the effective storage that I get and as I recall the HD makers were collectively punished for this behavior recently. Thus I figured they might have stopped.. but no, true criminals never mend their ways.

Regardless I’m quite pleased with my new storage setup. The speed up is pleasurable and I no longer have to trim my collection of music (the RIAA can shout all it wants, I’ll continue to rip CDs I bought and paid for) to continue to have space available for downloads.

Also bought Serenity, X-Files: Fight the future and Contact from Amazon.co.uk, Contact came in one of those horrible cardboard boxes and the disk had come detacted in transit which meant it was scratched up rather badly. Amazon promptly dispatched a new one at no cost to me. This is the way business should work, that’s one of the reasons I keep coming back to Amazon, a wide selection and they understand that they have to keep me happy. Western Digital could learn a few things here.