Liberating 4 million

by davidnielsen

DesktopLinux reports that OLPC has received four 1 million orders, it feels good to play a little part in the liberation of that many people – not to mention the giggle happy factor of knowing these people will be using GNOME and technology. Many congrats to the OLPC team on the fine progress, I’ve been following the development list recently and the pace at which progress is being made is positively insane. Makes me wish I could buy one to play with. It also makes me appreciate the scale of the project, this is no mere Linux install on a laptop and the benefits from OLPC is far reaching for the entire free software community.

In other news Novell wises up and bans proprietary binary modules from their distribution calling them unethical. This is reportedly a response to Greg Kroah-Hartmans gutsy move of proclaiming binary modules illegal in his OLS keynote. This all reminds me of the discussion^cwflamewar on fedora-devel in recent history on the upcoming Xorg 7.1 update for FC5 where in the nvidia/ATI users^cwwhiners made comments to the effect that Fedora should bow to external factors like the fact that nvidia can’t seem to follow the release schedule.

One thing that makes me wonder about Novells move though, they ship XGL not AIGLX and from what I gather that works almost exclusively with those modules – I wonder if they just crippled their interface completely.. not that I care much, I have compiz on aiglx here using the r300 driver so I know the free drivers are largely good enough to drive eyecandy technology.

Watched Jonathan Miller’s Brief history of disbelief a tour de force of historical athiesm and freethinking. It’s affirming to see the horrors the worlds religions have bestoved on those who came before me wasn’t in vain. Not that the world is entirely ready to accept this level of liberation yet, I still attract death treats from a number of, I hope, fringe believers.

After 3 weeks of draught, of course the rain elects to show itself right after I hang my laundry out to dry.. That must be this irony thing I’ve heard so much about.