History has known many great liars!

by davidnielsen

Yes, a TV posting.

I’m not a big fan of TV, however thoughout time there have been a few really good shows. Probably my favorite being The X-files to which the better part of my youth was dedicated, Twin peaks was awesome, Dark Angel (Season 1, the damn network killed season 2.. those bastards didn’t they understand that Jessica Alba in tight leather and good storylines was a good idea). NCIS, however I feel this one is about to die Season 3 ended in a manner that just spells doom. Recently the best I’ve seen on is Firefly.

The way I got into Firefly is slightly odd, as I don’t live in the US I didn’t get a chance to see it when it aired. However my good friend Alexis who lives up in glorious Canada was a big fan and he kept pushing me to watch and eventually I downloaded all the episodes thinking this would shut him up. I watched the entire season back to back without sleeping, eating and with only a bare minimum of blinking. This was just so fresh, I couldn’t believe Fox killed it (then again those bastards killed Futurama as well). I have never gotten so addicted to a show before. It has since been added to my collection of TV shows on DVD, the only way to watch TV, no ads, no interruptions and I get to watch episodes when I want as often as I want.

Great was the joy when Serenity landed and now the fan made Firefly documentary is out free for download with strong encouragement to buy the full DVD.

.. and now for something completely different, a message for Pete on anime.