Thou shalth not be wasteful for no good reason

by davidnielsen

It was pointed out to me that bogofilter might be a good solution to Spamassassins outright obscene memory use, luckily there’s an evolution plugin available. I got it compiling on Development, my luck was that the EPlugin API hadn’t changed so all I needed to do was change the hardcoded version number.

5 mins of work later and Evolution shows another ugly feature, there’s no way obvious way of taking all your junk mail and letting bogofilter learn from it. Spamtrainer came in handy here, but on the ugly scale that hack ranks highly.

All this ugliness was definately worth the 80 megs of memory I saved by not having spamassassin running at all times. Whoever thought up that insane behaviour definately needs a small course in not wasting ressources.