Cool stuff

by davidnielsen

Robert Love presents his buddy browser, I’ve wanted functionality like this for a long time, however I’m not sure Nautilus is the right place to implement it. Upon refelection though I think this could be really valuable.

Say I have an application that displays all my buddies using presence, simply clicking on a buddy reveals all the files I have (and everything else Beagle can return) in a nice little interface, giving me the option of messaging the buddy in question, mailing him, etc..

Unrelated, I wish there was a way to subscribe to a mailinglist within my mailer and having it download the entire archive of posts, often I find myself on an interesting list and there’s discussion ongoing on threads I don’t have. In addition if I had every single mail ever sent on the list Beagle would be able to help me return more valid results on a query.

Also would someone please kill spamassassin, using 80 megs of ram for spam removal that barely works is just stupid – there has to be a better solution and hopefully a faster one as well.

I did a reinstall of Fedora today using the netinstall and found to my horror that the xorg.conf file it wrote for me had nearly none of the required information required, the module and files sections were empty and my monitor wasn’t configured either. Oh and it took the installer 3 attempts to like my keyboard once X was started up for some reason. The good news is that the 3rd party repo installer work was painless (I added Extras and forgot about Livna.. stupid me) and worked like a it was supposed to. I had a feeling that people who want out of the box mp3 support and such will love this feature as they can have it with great ease – I imagine one could respin CDs with the repos enabled for personal use of course.

Keyboard is still horribly broken, applications seemingly randomly crashes.. all in all Development is back to it’s old tricks, it’s all in good fun though – tomorrow I feel will be a long day of bugreporting.

Everybody is leaving for Florida on Sunday so I’ll have the house to myself as I’m not going, plenty of time and quiet to work on a few projects – 2 weeks of work, I plan to learn some more C#/Gtk# and hopefully get the remaining biggish bugs on my system killed off.

Finally, isn’t it about time we turned Beagled on by default again and finish off the bug that caused the disabling late in the FC5 cycle?