I don’t mean to alarm anyone but…. THE ALIENS ARE HERE!!

by davidnielsen

It all started with an inquiry to Jesse Keating on the lack of updates to Development.

The alien posing as Mr. Keating answered that the build machine OS was broken and not fix was forthcoming today..

Obviously the alien was exposed by his poor knowledge of RHEL and Fedora releases.. they never break, common knowledge here on Earth.

This obviously massive conspiracy must involve the government and that company in Redmond. Clearly they are aiming at our infrastructure to impair us with lesser software..

Had it not been for the cunning of one lone nut we would have had no warning before it would have been to late..

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to be that nut!!

/me puts on tinfoil hat

*This break from Pete’ anime post marathon was brought to you by Whizzo Chocolate