Lust thine name is 770

by davidnielsen

Ever since Nokia announced their 770 Internet Tablet I’ve been lusting one, mostly because it’s the perfect bland of the GNOME I love, the Internet I love and the perfect replacement for the Palm IIIe I love (but have been unable to sync since the FC4 era).

With this years GUADEC we’ve seen the release of the 2006 OS upgrade for the 770 and I hear good things about it so I think I will be unable to resist getting one soon, even if I have to beg, borrow and/or steal to get it. I might consider selling my soul on eBay to raise funds.

I’ve been playing a lot with Ubuntu’ Launchpad platform the past few days (yes I know it’s propritary bull), I doubt I have ever been this productive as a translator, the ability to translate and test in a fairly smooth fasion with only an application restart being required makes it one of the coolest thing I’ve ever worked with. The Rosetta part is simply awesome and I can only hope that it gets liberated soon as it would be a great boon to the translation community. As some might have guessed this also means that my desktop currently runs Ubuntu (Edgy of course – I do like my breakage).

I also discovered Tomboy and it now pretty much runs my life, I use it for everything – short of fetching me more coke from the store it’s the perfect application. I can even live with it using just sky of 25 megs of ram (I have 2 gigs after all).

Finally it sound like we all need to wish our beloved release manager Jesse Keating a speedy recovery from his recent sports related knee boo-boo.