Awesome OLPC interview on LWN

by davidnielsen

Sadly this is subscription only content untill next Thursday, but you should be supporting Linux Weekly News anyways as it is one of the best Linux news services available to mankind. Regardless I give you Jim Gettys on OLPC talking about issues like power consumption, suspend and mesh wifi network without having the laptop being even on.

I can’t express how proud I am that Red Hat decided to help bring educational tools to the world and looking at the list of problems Jim points out it suddenly dawned on me that this is not a case of simply putting Linux on a laptop. It goes above and beyond to provide a tool like the OLPC and I have newfound respect for the people who make this happen.

Gentlemen (and ladies), I salute you!

Jim also talked at GUADEC on the project and I’ll put a link up once the slides and video/audio gets posted by Fluendo.

Now if you’re excuse me, the thought of 100 million people using GNOME technology makes me want to giggle with mad joy.