The GIMP adopts Tango and other random items

by davidnielsen

Yet another FLOSS project adopts Tango, I love Tango unashamedly, there I admit it and I’m glad to see a common style being accepted upstream. Unlike other projects which insist on wheel reinvention… sigh.

In unrelated news, my associate (I hope he’s not insulted by this term), Micheal Larabel posted a good FC6t1 preview which got some /. loving.

I posted an offer of $100 USD to anyone who ensures that #179862 gets fixed in time for FC6 Final, simply because it’s my opinion that shipping yet another release that does not burn CD/DVDs for a large number of users would be downright shameful.

Finally I got addicted to Irregular Webcomic! having read 1000 issues in the past 24 hours, I highly recommend it, I certainly laughed my ass off.


Novell OpenAudio reports that Jakub Steiner is close to having themed OpenOffice entirely in Tango compliant icons which I have to catagorize as one of the best things since sliced bread