Pushing the release?

by davidnielsen

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to get the most testing done for Fedora and one thing I’ve noticed looking at Ubuntu is that they put out a “release candidate” of their distro on the day (or closely following) of the GNOME final release. Thus convincing people who really want features while retaining a healthy dose of stability to jump on their development branch for the final haul.

We can’t possibly have a wellrounded release without massive testing and people do seem to want to be the first on the block to run the newest X, GNOME, you name it. By looking at the schedule for GNOME and FC6. I’ve noticed that we have test3 set to hit late in the GNOME cycle and while that’s nice, for a user it really means a lot that even though this is a test release it contains the final release of major parts of the desktop. I guess it’s mainly psychological in nature but I believe it’s worth the effort.

So I’d like to propose shifting the test3 development freeze to the 6th of September – this is a meager slip of roughly 20 days.

The schedule would then look as so:

Test 3 Freeze: 16th of August -> 6th of September

Test 3 Release: 23th of August -> 13th of September

Final Freeze: 19th of September -> 11th of October

Final Release: 27th of September -> 18th of October

(all dates are adjusted to hit a Wedensday, which seems desirable according to the Boston FUDCon FC6 talk)

I hope that a schedule like this will encourage users to give Test3 a try and help us polish FC6 before the release.