what… no Tango?

by davidnielsen

I thought Fedora was aimed at cooperation, I thought we were supposed to have a pretty desktop.. but no, Diana in her infinite wisdom appears to have decided to once again cook up a Fedora specific branded icon theme.

Now I’m personally a big fan of Tango both as a project and it’s look and feel, I think going with Tango would grant us:

A) A pretty desktop – I’m not a fan of overly complex icons, the menu icons e.g. are at 16×16 meaning that every icon looks like a random blob of paint using Bluecurve (and the next gen icons are if possible even worse in this regard). Icons are meant to make task association easier, currently this isn’t the case with Bluecurve. Tango is much simpler and looks a lot better in the 16×16 cases.

B) Less work, it’s that simple – there are a ton of good icons out there meaning we have more developer time available to work the kinks out of Tango rather than partake in this insane wheel reinvention. This means a more complete icon set, if I got to stab someone in the face for every missing icon in the current Bluecurve set over population wouldn’t be an issue.

C) Consistency across distributions and desktops, Ubuntu uses Tango (currently as a fallback but their default is built around Tango), SuSE uses Tango and so does Foresight. This makes it easier for a user of any distribution or desktops to sit down and use Fedora because it looks and feels the same as what they might be used to. This translates into more incentive for users to actually switch to our superior distro.

Try this, go to the Bluecurve and beyond page and load all the screenshots, now blur out the menu text and send the resulting images to an Average Joe user.. If that person correctly names every single entry without cheating I’ll buy you beer and Krispy Kreams doughnuts.

Before we have a solution to issues like that, looking cool at larger sizes is pointless, because quite the majority of the icons we present the user with in the Fedora desktop are at 16×16.

Working with Tango to build a kickass complete iconset would be, in my not so humble opinion, the preferable option for users.