The Mugshot, the Podcast and the Wardrobe.

by davidnielsen

I hate being european sometimes, all the good Linux get togethers are in the US (except GUADEC of course). Currently I’m missing out on the Red Hat Summit.

Red Hat announced Mugshot, I spend a while browsing around the site and I still can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do with it.. I gather it’s one of those Web 2.0 things I’m just getting to old to understand. “Live social experience around entertainment” doesn’t really tell me much about what I can actually use this for. In addition the site is dogslow here compared to every other part of the known Internet so trying to figure it out is a bit of a pain.

In my continued effort to find good podcasts for skeptics, I stumbled on The skeptics’ guide to the universe, which is a stunning tribute to science and reason. It’s also one of those blessed podcast that enclosures every episode in their feed so you never miss out on backlogged episodes as a newcomer. I never got the idea of trimming the feed to only include new stuff it’s dead annoying as you loose the ability to have your favorite shows all gathered in the same pane in your player application in full. The alternative is manually downloading back episodes, add them to your library – but now you have the same show listed two places which is uncool on so many levels.

Watched the Narnia movie the other day, while technically impressive it doesn’t make up for my disappointment with the plot – not having read the story in a decade I seemed to have forgotten how fundamentally flawed the story is. Aslan can sing the world into existance, yet he relies on the help of 4 travellers from another world to save his creation. The logic is baffling. 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back.