not one of the better days of my life

by davidnielsen

So I woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a midsized russian tank, can’t bring myself to eat (and people who know me would find this very disturbing) or do anything except listen to the awesome SETI podcast.

Tonight I was told that my mother was rushed to the hospital for observation since she had been complaining about chest pains in the heart region. Since I’m sick I can’t go to see her, some stupid hospital rule about not infecting the patients with my germs.

The only thing to raise the level of today up to barely worth getting up to experience was the fact that my friend Gabriel announced that he is getting married.


My mother was released from the hospital today (the 29th) in full form – infact she and my dad went salsa dancing tomight, my condition seems to be worsening though it feels an awful lot like I swallowed needles – if this continues tomorrow I guess I have to go see a doctor