Dear Thomas

by davidnielsen

I’m danish, there are around about 5½ million danes – I still elect to write every post in english on the off chance that something intelligent should slip into the ranting, I don’t want it wasted on the relatively small 5½ million audience.

I’m a translator, I understand the importance of i18n, however when it comes to having my GNOME presented in french I can optout. I cannot do this on Fedora People, if you say something of interest it is completely lost on me and the remaining 6 billion people on this planet who do not speak french (well a slight lie I took french in high school – but please don’t remind me of that.. don’t ask).

If we want to cater to the international audience, it really should be more well thoughtout than jamming every language in the same aggregator.

Naturally not everyone understands english either, having information and communities around lesser adopted languages is important – I just don’t think this kind of centralisation is the right solution.

I am however sorry some members of the community resorted to namecalling to voice their opinion. I hope they didn’t mean anything personal by it as I’m sure you are a brilliant human being.

Now can we please get back to the technical stuff – we have the FC6 plan to flesh out, virgins to save and dragons to slay.