Back in style

by davidnielsen

Got myself a neat new 4400+ AMD64 X2 with 2 gigs of ram

The casing is a Shuttle machine, much to my confusion Fedora identified only one CPU, so I went back and double checked the supported CPU list for the mobo and it was supported.

Turns out that a bios upgrade was needed to turn on this feature.

The moment where my head turned blue in anger was when I discovered that award still doesn’t offer a Linux tool to flash my bios. I managed to get a bootdisk made on a Windows machine that was handy and one nervous flashing later I am now the owner of a functional SMP setup.

Why is this the case, surely we are an just as much in need of this option and I don’t plan to keep a Windows box handy to crank out bootdisks.

Anger.. yet bliss – I always wanted an smp system to play with.