My reading habits

by davidnielsen

For winter solstice celebrations I got a copy of Robert M. Love’ Linux Kernel Development 2nd edition and I finally got around to reading it these past few days. I must say that it’s one awesome book, Robert manages to mix humour and OS internals so there’s a never a dull moment (well unless you find the subject boring – I happen not to).

This rarely happens but I wish I had this book 3 years ago when I attended college, it’s much more accessable than the book we used for the subject and it deals with a real OS rather than abstract concepts of kernel design something that matters to me personally since I like to be able to dig into some real working code for examples.

So if anyone is looking for a book on kernel design, this one gets my recommendations.

In unrelated news..

I’m delighted to see Jesse fill tons and tons of bugs on Evolution, hopefully we can get it into shape so it might be considered usable.

Also, Rawhide entered baby eating mode officially, Saturdays SELinux update seems to have borked my system so I guess I’ll have a fun afternoon trying to figure out how Dan broke my data this time – for now I simply disabled the damn thing.