Evolution, the bane of my existance

by davidnielsen

I hate Evolution, it’s a horribly slow, buggy and illogical program – but it sucks less than the alternatives. That is truly the only reason I use it.

Anyways, both Jesse Keating and David Woodhouse have been posting lists of Evolution shortcomings and one thing that struck me was.. where are the bugreports?

I’ll make myself guilty of complaining over Evolution without filing bugs as well.

My number one Evolution hatred is that the columns are in always edit mode, which means that I constantly by accident remove one of them. Why oh why can’t Evolution have them be static with a nice little editor – akin to what Epiphany does with it’s toolbar.

I’m one of those simple people who don’t really need all the fancy functionality that Evolution offers, I’d really like a simpler mailer that tied into e-d-s, if I had one like that I’d probably use Contacts and Dates from Open Handed to do those tasks and do away with Evolution entirely – I find Evolution very unGNOMEish. I can’t possibly be alone on this.

Oh and additionally the sheer size of Evolution makes it a complete pain to translate – which is why it’s generally, on the Danish team at least, the last package to get translated in a cycle since nobody wants to do it.