no strings attached free software

by davidnielsen

Mike Harris (The guy who regularly breaks X in wonderful and sutle ways) recanted a story on the mailinglist today about a guy from Jakarta he met. It turns out that people in that part of the world pay around 1/10 of their monthly salery for 56k Internet access. Not totally unexpected really but what caught me by surprise was Mike’ reaction to my suggestion that his new friend should have just used the community and gotten a free copy shipped to him.

No Linux community I have ever been a part of has ever turned a person in need down – but Mike seems to not have encountered this behaviour before. Are we loosing our roots here?

Anyways, I call upon someone with better HTML skills than me to register so we can properly network this. I don’t have any issue supplying people with free software without expecting as much as a thank you in return, however to make a difference we need a network to do this and plenty of willing people all over the world.

I imagine that there are plenty of people out there like me who wouldn’t mind burning the occasional cd or dvd and running to the post office, even though I’m as people would know by now, unemployed and handicapped – meaning I don’t have a whole lot of cash by my country’ standards I can certainly spend what I have in the way I feel is best and what little I do have is mountains of cash compared to people in the 3rd world.

Wouldn’t it be great to get everyone and their LUGs involved in such a project?

Here is how I think it should work, we’d need a Frapper map of the world, and anyone willing to ship out distros would simply put a pin on the map with contact information. Once you get a free distro it should come with encouragement to share the cds as much as possible and adding yourself to the list of people willing to share free software. If just 1 out of 10 turn into a distro pimp for his local community or joins the community in other ways like translations, starting up a LUG, helping schools get free software – wouldn’t that be worth trying?