Does Fedora Core need a roadmap?

by davidnielsen

I’ve been wondering about this for a long time now and when reviewing what a lot of friends ask me about upcoming Fedora releases is: “So what will it have” and currently all I can say is that we don’t really know but several proposals for changes for coming releases. This loose development has served us well in the past but we are reaching a point where having clear outlined longterm feature goals would perhaps helps us.

Looking at the way Fedora and the larger free software community works, it’s also clear that firm featurebased roadmaps don’t really work either. We don’t want to end up freezing slower than Debian or never reach release like GNOME 1.4.

Maybe a compromise is needed akin to flexible roadmaps say with functionality goals grouped as required, desired, and ongoing (for multiple cycle development where we can produce beta testing in the coming release, like what FC5 does with AIGLX).

Am I smoking crack here?