The mad dash

by davidnielsen

Now that FC5 testing is drawing to a close and GNOME 2.14 is closing in on us, the traditional mad dash to finish up the work has set in.

Ole ‘Mr. Hardworking’ Laursen deserves mad props for his awesome job finishing all the tiny leftovers. Personally I’ve been translating gnome-screensaver and pessulus the past two nights, hopefully we can get danish in a rocking state in time for release.

Overall I don’t think I’ve ever seen better completion states on l10n-status. Every team deserves a thanks for the completely outstanding job they have done in this cycle.

I have to figure out who to bug for CVS access though, having to ask people to commit on my behalf is a tad cumbersome for everyone.

On the Fedora side of things I’m very pleased to see the increased community buyin we have had in the FC5 cycle, hopefully this means that we’ll get even more testers for FC6 which should prove to be a fun cycle. All I can say from here is bring on the breakage fun developers, my box has lived for far to long and I still have hair left to pull out in frustration.

Three cheers for Fedora, GNOME and most of all the community!