More on development cycles

by davidnielsen

Rahul, you might have a point. However that requires you to consider 9 months slow and why is that slow I wonder?

9 months is rather fast paced cycle, FC5 would have been 9 months had it not been for the slips and for my money FC5 is the best release Fedora has yet put out. It has been a true pleasure to be running Rawhide for the most part, lots of new stuff without to much breakage.

The problem most people point out with Legacy is that there’s not much buy in to the concept, I hope we can change that as well as the lack of testing of FC updates.

One of the problems we’d had with stablilty comes from the lack of that extra month or two to polish up something like GNOME – we tend to suffer from to little Development testing and we have in the past suffered problems because the FC release was closely linked to the GNOME release and any bugs which were pushed to GNOME 2.x.1 would be present in our release and I have never seen the GNOME update pushed to FC updates.

The main idea was to make the technology preview release and the polish release basically the same over time using updates, it would save the issue of having to maintain many releases while developing.

In the end as I’m not a developer, I guess I have little in terms of a say really. I’m merely an opinionated tester, if the cycle goes back to 6 months then so be it – we all want to create the best possible product for the endusers. In my experience the FC5 cycle has been an absolute succes and I would hate to see the good things that have come out of it go to waste.