The mighty Peter Quinn visits Denmark

by davidnielsen

The former Massachusetts IT director Peter Quinn was recently invited to Denmark by the union for IT people to talk about the reasoning behind his support for the open document standard and

To recap the calculations he did:

We assume the environment is 50.000 desktops and regardless of the solution we will need to reeducate the users to the new interface – this will cost roughly $8 million. For the MS Office 12 solution about 20% of the hardware would need replacing (around $515 per affect machine) and new licenses would be required (around $300 per machine). In addition in 20% of the cases new operating systems would be required to run the software as well (around $250 per affect machine).

This comes to roughly $26 million for the Office 12 solution and roughly $8 million for the solution.

Now the way I see this, regardless of any minor deficencies OO.o might have for their use case, they save $18 million going with this solution. Even if we say they underestimate the cost of the OO.o by 100% they would have $10 million in savings. Say they invest half that in developing specialised OO.o tools and bugfixes to make the environment usable in all cases that is $5 million to spend in the worst case – last I checked $5 million bought you a whole lot of development time.

So thank you Peter Quinn for taking the time to come here to tiny little Denmark to try and beat some sense into the danish politicians. I’ve written several of them and I can attest to the fact that aside one, all have either not replied or replied in such clueless manners as to be irrelevant on the subject of using open standards.