This week in Rawhide

by davidnielsen

I decided to start blogging a bit about the issues I hit in Rawhide each week.

For this week, I’ll feature:

My inablility to burn/erase CDs/DVDs as a user due to the kernel not allowing SG_IO commands for users for my Plextor DVD burner (Filed as #179862 in the Red Hat bugtracker). This makes it rather cumbersome to work with ISOs within GNOME as well as backing up data to CDs in any nice fasion.

We also see a deadlock in gstreamer during seeking, this makes Rhythmbox use rather erratic (filed as #330748 in the GNOME bugtracker).

Other minor issues would include some minor sporatic graphics issues in gtk progressbars using r100 and r200 cards – this isn’t filed but is rather easy to spot, I’m unsure which module this would apply to, xorg-driver-ati, gtk or gtk-engines. Update Filed as #183504

Enhancement issues I’m also unsure where I should file, if we now ship Beagle to increase it’s performance we might want to mount partitions default with the user_xattr option.