Dear ATI, why I’ll stop buying your products

by davidnielsen

Since you provide no feedback email on your website, I’ll write you an open letter here.

I bought an ATI Radeon 9250 card today, to replace a 9600XT card. Why you ask, because the Linux driver is much better and with the advert of technology like XGL and AIGLX as a Linux user I need the best possible driver to play with this new technology.

I am not willing to trade in my freedom for glitzy graphics. As ATI, who’s products I have otherwise been a happy user of for years, are not willing to release specifications to the developers I am hereby woeing my full support to the Open Graphics Card project.

I will buy as many cards as I can possibly afford just to support the effort and I will recommend the card for as many people as possible.

I urge anyone to do the same – good, free drivers are increasingly important and we currently don’t have modern cards – sadly as neither ATI nor nVidia are willing to work with the community this is the only option we have to get what we need.