I have to many friends apparently

by davidnielsen

Well at least gaim is displaying quite a few icons, with googletalk, icq, msn and aim I’m seeing quite an annoying UI decision on gaim’ part. Every protocol is identified with the native clients iconset, thus means that I have 4 of each type of away/available/etc. icon.

Why should I care what protocol my buddies use, at least visually could I not be presented with a common iconset.

Personally I tend to like the way Gossip works and looks, but I can’t currently manage without at least msn support since people refuse to convert to a Jabber based solution.

It’s just one of those things that annoy me.

In unrelated news, Rahul suggested that I get on Fedora People and Seth was kind enough to effectuate the update to the planet, so now I have readers – Thanks to the both of you.

This weekend will be reserved for translations, Danish fell below 90% on l10n-status and final release of 2.14 is close so I figure I’ll have a shot at upping the stats a bit. Leave me a comment if you want to partake in a translation hack day and we can make arrangements. I really think we need this kind of community day within the translation teams, it’s a good way of introducing new blood to the teams and getting a lot of work done at the same time.