Forgotten silver

by davidnielsen

Not only the title of a blog post, but also the title of a Peter Jackson mockumentary.

So what should we debate today, how about the amount of work that is lost in the abyss of forgotten CVS commits and ideas. Sad loss of software innovation.

In order of what makes me sad:

1) SystemServices, the replacement Seth Nickell worked on for the init system, adding dependency chains, dbus awareness, restart of crashed deamons, lots of cool stuff really. It never actually saw a code release, someone within Red Hat worked on a similar system for FC5 but dropped it because he felt there was no interest in this – obviously he was wrong as I was jumping up and down when I read about it and couldn’t wait to play with it.

2) The SessionServices work J5 showed at GUADEC, this was really cool and it added valuable features to the session like dbus awareness and again proper dependency chains. I had high hopes for this kind of technology, hopefully it will be picked up again.

3) Elektra, the centralised common configuration database, when collecting data on GNOME startup we see a lot of stat() calls to check if various configuration files exist, Elektra would allow us to centralise not only this but every other application in the system. One format for configuration for every application in the system. If designed right it could strike the correct balance between opaque configuration file (status quo) and centralised binary only Windows Register style configuration storage. Someone should try to get this on as a standard maybe, to get adoption from more projects.

4) Yarrrr, Seth Nickell talked about this in an early LugRadio episode and the fact that he would do a write up on it – but we never actually saw what Yarrrr was and it seems forgotten now. From what I know it tied email, irc and whiteboard technologies together as an effective team work environment.