No Christian, the assumption isn’t that we have dumb users

by davidnielsen

Christian Hammond asks if the reason why the type emblems have been removed because we assume that the users are stupid.

I wouldn’t say that, I for one, really enjoy the new image icon – I never understood why we needed to convey visually what format the image is stored in – it’s an image that’s all I care about. The same thing goes for such things are remote mounts, as long as the icon indicates that this is remote I don’t especially care if it’s nfs, ssh, etc. not when it comes to the icon at least.

What would the use case be for displaying such information?

I can’t frankly think of a valid use case where the world would end if I couldn’t see the specific format of a file. Well .c and .h file type situations might call for some kind of distinction but is this one special case really enough to warrent enforcing such madness on users and even if we do need specific distinction on this case is emblems really the absolute best way to do it?

I thought GNOME was about elegant design, good solutions – I certainly don’t see adding a million different icons for the same basic data as elegant in any way.

I’m rather fond of the generalising model that projects like Tango enforce, this is a sound file, this is an image, etc. you click it and GNOME knows what to do with it.