Bittorrent II: return of the monkey spanking

by davidnielsen

It’s currently sitting pretty at 60-80% CPU on my 1600+ Athlon-XP, at 10.6% of my gig of ram.

I think it just generally hates me, I know it does a lot of SHA1 checking and such but +60% CPU is borderline insanity at any rate. I wonder how to debug this as it doesn’t crash. Maybe it’s time to learn to use sysprof and strace for great justice and all that.

This is the official bittorrent client, using the new simple gui – much less confusing that Azureus which I tried when it was hacked to run on gcj.. it just made me run screaming, so many options and stuff I didn’t know what did – not very straightforward at all. Plus it wasn’t pretty to look at, no use of stock gtk icons, instead it employed crystal icons which looked so out of place on my GNOME desktop it was painful.

Hopefully Tango will eventually ensure that non native applications won’t look that out of place