KDE rhythms with hidious car wreck

by davidnielsen

I doubt any KDE fanboys read a blog called The GNOME Commentary anyways, I can make fun of their design guidelines a bit.

Empty space = a feature is missing or an ikon could be placed there.

Preferences module has less than 6 tabs = BacK to the drawing board.

Program name kontains less than 6 K’s = Clearly a mistake, rename promptly.

Use of a FreeDesktop.org standard = a sign that wheel reinvention is required, rip out pointless support and reimplement from scratch.

Usability study shows application to be flawed = blame users for their in ability to grasp the finer points of using KDE – convinently located in the about section, tab 12, next to the trolling guide.

Software consistently inferior to GNOME = A reason to spread FUD about GNOME feature removal czar, Havoc.

A distro selects to replace your software with GNOME software = immidately unleash the KDE fanboys to complain about lack of choice, convinently forget that with each distro that maltreats GNOME choice is considered unimportant.

There’s an experimental, not yet ready for use binutils feature out = implement support, label ready for production use, pray to aseigo that nothing blows up.

Personally I just tell people to use GNOME.