What have I done??

by davidnielsen

It’s frightfully simple really, following my earlier realization that Ubuntu really seems to wish pain upon it’s testers by not providing debug packages for every package in their repos like Fedora does.

I did what any sane person would do and wrote up a speen emptying post to Ubuntu-devel.

What came out of this, well thus far nothing – the suggestion wasn’t as well received as one could have hoped, and while that saddens me considerably some good did come about.

There was a lively debate on how to fix Bug-buddy and a spec on launchpad was mentioned by the almighty seb128 which will in the future fix debugging.. hopefully.

The absolutely best news however comes from the bug-buddy maintainer, who recently branched bug-buddy for 2.14 and one of the feature additions he mentioned for this cycle was xmlrpc submission support.. why is this great I hear you say, elementary, currently bug-buddy relies on sendmail to ship off bugreports, this however is extremely nasty and cumbersome. Who want to run a mailserver on their local machine just to be able to file bugs with great ease.

Today also brought about a mail to Kris of Imendio fame on the state of spellchecking in GTK/GNOME, an area I have vented about earlier. I will report a bit more on this once I have more data.

Finally Jeff Waugh announced gnome.conf.au with interesting GNOME topics and not just one but two talks featuring the nicest man in the universe, Mr. Glenn Foster of SUN Microsystems.

If only I had money to spend going exactly halfway around the world – interestingly enough if I dug straight down from my backyard, I should end up about 40 miles off the coast of New Zealand. However the tunnel digging is thus far the best solution to my being able to go I’ve come up with, so I guess that means no GNOMEy fun for me.