I don’t like testing for RedHat idiocy

by davidnielsen

I was talking to my mate George earlier today and he was giving me grief for running Fedora, as he put it he didn’t like being a beta tester for Red Hat – at the time I told him a condensed version of the following.

If you don’t like testing for Red Hat, stop using any piece of GNU software at once, not even FreeBSD is safe from those money grupping bastards in fedoras. Because due to the highly colloborative nature of FOSS software any bug you file will with 99.9% certainty benefit those evil satan worshipping Red Hat employees who slave over keyboards night and day to bring us core GNOME technology and other important code… for FREE without strings attached… HOW DARE THEY!!!

We all test for all distribution because in an effort to keep the lowest delta all patches not involved with branding goes upstream. When Georgie boy boots his Gentoo system he is helping all of us. If he feels that some shouldn’t benefit he really has no choice but to run to Mac OS X or Windows because there’s absolutely no escaping helping everybody at once in a world of sharing and collaboration.

I also fail to understand arguments implying that Red Hat are somehow evil because they make money, why is making money bad I wonder, Red Hat contribute very actively so what if they use their years of expertise to make to a bit of cash to pay for all the good stuff they do provide the community with – of which we scarsely need mention that Red Hat does the majority of work on several core pieces of technology within the Linux/UNIX desktop and server space. For full details try taking a random bit of largish source code like the kernel or any bit of GNOME really and grep for @redhat.com. It becomes apparent quite soon that Red Hat really does a lot for all of us. So I beg you people, please lay off Red Hat, they are the good guys.

I less than 3 my Red Hat overlords