Following GNOME development the fun way

by davidnielsen

Since following every single mailinglist becomes old really fast for some people, there are ways to track development progress without actually sitting through a jhbuild every night.

First and foremost, tracking the developer blogs on Planet GNOME is highly worthwhile – just skip any post by John Fleck – he is a very interesting person but he hardly ever blogs about GNOME these days.

Next there’s a nice little summary page for this weeks BugZilla activity which is well worth a peak. GNOME weekly bug summary.

It is highly recommended that one at least look at the webarchive of desktop-devel-list. d-d-l webarchive.

The problem with the GNOME bug summary is of course that it does not take into account the multitude of vendor bugzillas that also track GNOME bugs, like Fedora e.g.

The easy fix for this would be the Malone project within Ubuntu’ launchpad service, however dear Mr. Shuttleworth, who speaks so much about ideals, freedom and openness.. has of course yet to release the source for launchpad – thus this is rather useless on the whole.

The final GNOME tracking tip, run a distribution which tracks GNOMEs development builds, like Fedora Development or Ubuntu’ development branch. This requires good swearing skills because all the bugs you’ll face doing this makes uttering profanity highly likely. Basic abilities to use Bugzilla and gdb are also desirable here. More on actually filing bugs later.