Fluendo beta update

by davidnielsen

First up, don’t bother asking me for a copy I intend to honor the license agreement – besides these are bound to be buggy wait for Fluendo to release the packages and buy them. Support your GStreamer hackers and all.

Today the ac3dec and mpegdemux arrived in my mailbox, Fedora seem to choke on the ac3 one a bit but I’m sure that’s just a minor issue. Totem still refuses to like like the new plugins.

And here’s the obligatory “screenshot”:

[david@price ~]$ gst-inspect-0.10 | grep flu

flumpegdemux: flutsdemux: MPEG Transport stream demuxer

flumpegdemux: flupsdemux: MPEG Program Demuxer

flump3dec: flump3dec: Fluendo MP3 Decoder