Fedora Core 5 Test 2 is out

by davidnielsen

Just wanted to make it clear, FC5t2 is out and YOU should be using it… because it rocks so hard even Mr. T. endorses it.

I swear the feature list is amazing:

All compiled with a GCC 4.1 snapshot and it’s so smooth I fail to understand it. GNOME 2.14 is coming along nicely the new failure mode however is causing a bit of an issue with crashing applications but that is kinda the point of the change. Aside that one gets to enjoy for the first time in a Fedora release Mono based goodness, sadly however MonoDevelop is not to be found in the release, I’m told it will be in Extras at some point though.

What else is new.. really everything, new pretty artwork, updates across the board, Fedora Extras is bigger than ever, Fedora is just going strong as always.

A special mention has to go to the new yum based GUI update and application installers, pup and pirut. Wonderful little applications, although a bit early in development.

There are so many great things to say about Test 2, all I’ll say is go download it promptly.