I hate it when bugs just go away

by davidnielsen

There I was for days deprived of access to email via Evolution, a fine 100% reproducable crash on startup, debuginfo inserted, backtracable and everything. The next thing I know without any updates that one would think would mess with this wonderful situation… bug gone.. where bug go?

This is why software should be consistently broken, for the simple reason that it would make my life a whole lot easier… but no.

The worst bit is that the bug is probably just hiding right now and who knows when I’ll hit it again or figure out what made it go away.

Ah well there’s always the X.org r300 breakage in Dapper to rejoice over, hopefully that will however just go away since recompiling X for test purposes just seems so Gentoo’ish (see my earlier post on Why Ubuntu are not being nice to their testers).