It would be nice if software was consistently broken

by davidnielsen

Honestly, I did a quick Flight 2 reinstall on Price to test a theory on an earlier bug I filed on Evolution.

Suddenly the flight 2 install which worked perfectly just days before started causing a nasty gdm crash, thus requiring me to jump through hoops to get to X, where btw. both Epiphany and Evolution is currently suffering from terminal bugs. Being forced to use Firefox has once again rekindled my hatred of it’s interface and stability – it will just randomly dive head first into the ground and I can’t get a decent way to reproduce the error as it seems completely random (though going to sites that issue SSL cert. tends to cause more problems than regular sites).

Now I do know this is the development branch, but what I don’t like is when software works on one day then the next day without being touched, completely breaks down..

At least be consistent you damn bugs..

This week in Ubuntu the worst bugs seem to be:

Epiphany bug, Evolution bug, GDM bug

Aside this I have some minor issues with Banshee which have gone unfiled for now for reasons mainly pretaining to available time.