Ye old pagan celebration be finished

by davidnielsen

And as soon as Amazon delivers my copy of Linux Kernel Development I’ll be a happy man – see techie dads always buy the best presents.

A present should be hard, cubic and from O’Reilly.. (or in this case, Novell Press)

If anyone out there wants to donate an O’Reilly book to me, Learning Python is currently missing from my collection. *cough* *cough*

In other news I’ve been handing out a few Ubuntu cds over christmas, people were generally very impressed when I showed off my GNOME desktop, hopefully I can get a few more people trying out Ubuntu between christmas and new years.

And as a finishing statement I will now mention that I’ve been hit by the first set of blog spam posts.. this means I’m officially important enough for spammers to harrass me!! Best christmas present ever!