Fedora Core 5, a definate winner

by davidnielsen

Of all the UNIX variants I have used the past many years, Fedora Core 5 has to take the price for best font handling. I have simply never seen so crisp fonts on Linux before.

The pure visual enjoyment of using the Fedora after it’s post independance facelift is enormous.

As always things work very well, the only major bugs I’ve hit so far is sound-juicer being unable to extract a cd nor able to display it’s perference dialog and Rhythmbox displaying an error message when adding podcasts followed by failure to add the cast to the queue. For something that has just been recompiled with a prerelease GCC snapshot that is rather impressive.

Having read the mailinglist GCC 4.1 opens up a whole new set of features, one guy mentioned using -ftree-vectorize to ship even more optimized code out to endusers. We should also see lower memory use do to some changes in GCC 4.1, which on the whole is always nice.

The system feels very snappy, even with SELinux, exec-shield, -fstack-protector and FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 set Fedora Core 5 easily beats out the Dapper Drake on snappiness. Something I wouldn’t have expected given the overhead that comes with these security features, but Fedora has always surprised me when it comes to performance.

The new package selector in Anaconda is simply amazing, aside a few visual glitzes it provides what it should any nothing more, very effective and usable interface.

The newest yum also has a nice little feature change that sets yum up to use the cache instead of refreshing it everytime you issue a command, but only if the cache is less than 1 hour old. This really speeds up working with yum and it feels like the natural way yum should work, very little in terms of workflow interruption present now.

I’m still looking forward to NetworkManager becoming stable enough to use as a means of setting up and managing networks in Fedora by default. It’s a great tool and it really enables easing the sometimes troublesome problems that occure when the network cable is yanked. Not to mention all the new functionality the applet introduces. Ahead lie exciting times.

Also on the wishlist would be the new Init system that was planned for FC5 but didn’t make it. As well as a full migration to GStreamer 0.10, something which should happen as soon as applications start releasing versions with support. Totem having just done so recently.