XGls closed development process

by davidnielsen

As KDE leader Aaron Siego correctly points out, Novell, who employ the only person left doing XGl development have failed to update the Freedesktop.org CVS for what appears to be more than 6 months.

Now Novell are full within their rights to do this, however I fail to see why they are not allowing public CVS access. Not for endusers to break their setups, but the QT/KDE and GTK/GNOME developers would have a chance to test and plan new features and have them ready as XGl matures.

Adoptation of technology is paramount for it’s prolification.

It’s that simple. If nobody has access to XGl aside Novell – nobody will develop features based on it except Novell.

Why would they want to pour money into this black hole, the scheme they have setup will ensure 0% vendor buy-in and while XGl didn’t have much community development, as the software becomes more stable and featureful, people who develop software that depends on it are more likely to contribute patches. A perfect example here would be the EXA framework that was derived from KDrive by some KDE/QT developers, recently added to the X.org tree. EXA is the savior untill Novell delivers XGl.

The conspiracy nuts have already cook up the theory that Novell want to be the first to ship a capable XGl based distro – but without massive testing and vendor buy-in they are not going to release a very good product – as history has shown us time and time again.