Price goes Fedora, Finlay goes Ubuntu

by davidnielsen

Unable to decide between my two great Linux loves, and given that Solaris Express yet doesn’t support installing on ZFS (and the fact that Solaris Express hated me in general) testing has been put on hold till Build 29 (or whichever will support ZFS for root).

Price, my desktop (named after Robert M. Price, a famous bible scholar, author of The incredible shrinking son of man) will be a Fedora Development test machine.

Finlay, my stone age laptop (named after famous atheist and sceptic Reginal Finlay, listen to his radioshow here) will be the Ubuntu Dapper testing box and it will also serve as the Skype machine.

In other news, I’ve been accepted on the Fluendo beta tester team, so shortly I’ll be breaking their upcoming GStreamer codec pack for the good of all mankind (and a free copy of the final product).