Fedora much more elegant than Ubuntu

by davidnielsen

well at least in one area, for all the packages in Core and Extras, one can install -debuginfo packages to get debug symbols. In Ubuntu however, the general rule is that there are no such nice timesaving, entrylevel lowering goodies.

No once one hits a bug and want to report, one has to in most cases, do the Gentoo thing and apt-build the package yourself. I just hit an Evolution bug and I wanted to file it, instead of a 5 second download, I got a gutwrenching 20 min compile job.

I admit I don’t have state of the art equipment, but there has got to be many people out and about who just say sod it to bugs because of the need for time consuming recompiling, unneeded recompiling.

It would be such a small thing to have the build system do and it would greatly increase the user experince for testers.