Sometimes one just discovers things by accident

by davidnielsen

I, for instance, just last night discovered that in GNOME when I put the cursor on the window list and use my scroll wheel it cycles the windows into active state.

Now looking at this it does seem very logical and I don’t know why I never thought of it but now that I stumbled upon this feature I found that I rather like it.

I’ve always used the old ALT+TAB key combo to switch windows easily, a habit I can only blame on extensive use of Windows 3.1 in my grade school days – boy that’s a long time ago, funny how habits stick..

Regardless having to hover the windowlist to do this didn’t really appeal to me as a everyday solution, keybindings to the rescue as always – currently I just set them to +q/a for cycling up and down the list. Having wrecked my wrist due to excessive mouse use from an early age, I’ve grown to love keybindings these past few years.

Anyways, long post about nothing important, mostly because I’m now going on hour 24 without being able to sleep. Not even a dose of sleeping pills and O’Reilly’ Programming Python has been able to put me to sleep, this insomina thing is getting on my nerves – this is week 3 of not having a proper sleep pattern.