On the whole I wonder.. why does my Archos hate me

by davidnielsen

Today I hooked up my Archos Recorder 10 mp3 player.. and much to my surprise Ubuntu mounts the ISD200 USB mass storage device… as read-only.

How useful is that?

So I spend most of my day digging into this issue without much in terms of results.

This leads me to think that some people just don’t really think before editing policies, what good is a USB harddrive if you can’t put data on it?

Regardless my Archos is getting closer to death by the day, it randomly stops during tracks and the hardware is generally just getting old. Thus I have been looking at replacements.

The iAudo X5L looks like a nice player, it supports Ogg Vorbis and other nice features. It’s even pretty. I am however worried that I’ll have the same experience with Cowon as I had with Archos – their hardware is just pisspoor and you spend more time holding it together than using it.

The second player I’ve been looking at is the iPod, it doesn’t support Ogg Vorbis but at least I’m sure that the hardware will work. If the iPod did support Ogg Vorbis there would be no question that it would be my next player, the Linux support is excellent, Banshee even syncs my databases (I’ll post more on Banshee later). It seems like a good pick… it just feels dirty regardless of how cool the interface is.

So if anyone has experiences with the iAudio X5L I would like them to post comments as I am very concerned about spending this kind of money on something that’s crap.