Linus royally insults all GNOME users

by davidnielsen

And here we go!

Thank you, oh omnipotent kernel god.. I am indeed a fluttering idiot, I have used GNOME for years now and it has poisoned my mind.. Nothing but muss left I swear..

I shall of course upon thou humble request start using KDE, which with it’s clutter and option hell surely will bring about productivity and joy in my life.

And this moment marks the end of my listening to Linus for words of wisdom, then again following his insults of the HURD developers some years ago, implying that they smoked crack – I must say my respect for him leveled out considerably.

Linus is entitled to his opinion and all, but this is somewhat dragging it into the dick meassuring stage, which granted his status might not be acceptable.

There are many perfectly valid reasons for doing usability studies, but then again from a man who considers debuggers crutches for bad programmers, I wouldn’t expect understanding. Personally I think while he is very talented and knowledgable, when it comes to actual everyday mom and pop users, he fails to seperate them from his own superior mindset and computing skills. In no way does the GNOME project regard it’s users as morons, I certainly hope at least that the reason we are spending all this time doing usability studies and research goes towards reaching the greatest common benefactor, not the lowest common denominator as he implies.

In related news, as my respect for Linus and the Linux kernel has taken a blow over the past few years – a recent email exchange with the incredibly friendly Glenn Foster (of Sun Microsystems and GNOME fame) has made me very interested in the OpenSolaris platform. Considering that Nexenta GNU/OpenSolaris is derived from Ubuntu the transition might even be painless. I must confess that features like ZFS and DTrace have really peaked my interest in the project and the scope it has taken within GNOME in terms of regression and performance testing.