“God or Science” – a thought game

by davidnielsen

Being a sound at mind atheist and sceptic I’m often impressed with the things people believe. So as any sane person out there, I decided to make it into a game, it’s fun for the whole family – old and young alike.

I call it… “God or Science”.

Now “God or Science” is different from every other game, here everyone starts out as winners. There’s only one way to loose infact, it’s all very simple. You start asking questions and giving explainations untill you either 100% sure how the observation object in question works in every single detail. This gets tricky for most people once we get past the average public knowledge barrier. When you no longer can explain a given question you go to stage two

Stage two of the game is team debate amongst themselves to answer the question at hand (how does this work?). Points are awarded to your team if you can increase the depth of the knowledge tree. Now the fun bit about team mode in “God or Science” is that everyone playing, everyone.. yes even you reading you’re playing it right now. Now that everyone is in the process of observing, gathering data, hypotesising and debating we go to stage 3.

Stage 3 is where we evaluate our findings, if there are no more questions left and we truly know everything, how everything works – everyone wins, there are no losers. Now if someone along the way instead of learning with the community throws the “God card” and make an objectiong to the process backed with nothing besides “God did it”, no concrete questions or evidence indicating previous assumptions to be false – just “God did it”.

Then that person looses.