Watch out it’s the GNOME speed demon

by davidnielsen

The GNOME Performance Love day seems to have been a great succes, I’m very happy to see such development.

Speed is increasing across the board, memory use is going down, leaks are being plugged like never before.

On top of that Novell announced that they are moving their SuSE Linux Enterprise Server and Novell Linux Desktop to GNOME rather than continuing this waste of development time that is shipping both KDE and GNOME. Having one desktop helps define the desktop, I would have no problem with a distribution like Mandriva shipping only KDE – they, in my experience at least, tend to mess up their GNOME every time anyways so I would rather they just focused on what they are good at .

On top of this on a more personal note, Gossip CVS should now be close to 100% translated into Danish again – as soon as someone with CVS access within the translation group uploads my updated .po file at least.

This is all good news for the GNOME camp, now onwards toward 10×10 – I will certainly do my part, more on my utterly insane master plan later.