I love the smell of new hardware

by davidnielsen

Yesterday my aging computer got a tiny 256 meg ram upgrade salvaged from a computer I had long forgotten about and today I decided to replace my CD-RW drive and my dead DVD, so in all it’s glory I present my new Plextor drive:

Vendor_info : ‘PLEXTOR ‘

Identification : ‘DVDR PX-716AL ‘

Revision : ‘1.00’

It’s so damn sexy and silent a big must with me, I can’t take noise especially when I’m trying to work. I went with the more expensive Plextor drive because it’s simply the best quality drive out there and I learned from my mistake buying a lite-on drive before, it was cheap and turned out to be crap.

I can warmly recommend this fine piece of equipment, it’s simply wonderful – now if only they would stop suing open source developers.

Open source developers receive cease and desist orders from Plextor’s parent company