Things that annoy me

by davidnielsen

There are many things in life that annoy me, little things – like why doesn’t someone invent a way for ensuring that the number of socks one puts into the washing machines equals the number of socks one is able to rescue back from the clutches of the sockeating monster (I call it Manfred) living in there. Everytime, every single time Manfred takes payment in my socks. Why is this?

But on to more pressing matters, things that annoy me about my GNOME desktop:

1. Why is the panel is always edit mode, it’s insane no only place do we have this insane behavior as default – why isn’t this a fixed toolbar handled in much the same way as the Epiphany toolbar, with a sensible editor. Is editing ones panel really considered such a high priority task that it has to defy logic?

2. Why are the columns in Evolution in always edit mode, again insane default behavior, I have on more than one occassion accidently removed a column when trying to arrange the sorting order – related to this, why is the sorting order oldest to newest – clearly the order should be newest to old ensuring that new mail is on the top of the pile for easy access. This should probably have a sensible default and be configurable in the preferences.

3. Why does Evolution have a “send/receive” button, couldn’t this simple task be done as a background task with interval checking and if there’s no network couldn’t we use NetworkManager to tell Evolution this and let GNOME inform the user that he’s currently working offline rather than spewing nasty error messages?

4. Why can’t Evolution have a background mail checker using libnotify to tell me when I have new mail, so I don’t have to have the GUI open all the time and manually check. A simple notification would do, pretty please could someone make this work?

5. Why can’t I download torrents in the Epiphany downloader, this would be a really cool bit of integration – we could hide all the nasty configuration in gconf and things would be peachy.. hopefully.

6. Why isn’t Rhythmbox included by default, most distro install it and it’s had plenty of testing – the desktop would benefit from shipping this excellent application.

7. Why not also ship Gossip, I know there’s GAIM which supports more protocols, however GAIM is both hidiously ugly and overtly complex. Gossip is a true GNOME2 application and using Jabber is a logical choice for showcasing the value of open source, open standards and open protocols. The contactlist should of course integrate with evolution-data-server to provide a central contactlist for all of the desktop.

8. Why aren’t we touting GNOME Office more, OpenOffice is bloated, slow and generally disliked by most users – Abiword and GNUmeric are elegant applications, having GNOME Office shipped on a parallel 6 month cycle with simulatious releasing of Desktop and Office platforms. This would be really cool.

9. Why are my menu icons so damn small, they are mere blobs of color – I filed a bug ages ago requesting a size increase, maybe dependant on screen resolution – I have 1600×1200, I can hardly make out what the various menu icons are supposed to be. Talking about icons, moving the default GNOME icons over to use the Tango project might not be a bad idea.

10. Could someone make it trivially easy to use signing and encryption in Evolution please, if a mail is signed – I should be able to verify the key with a single click and using it on my account should be default. This might require setting up

11. Why does Evolution ask for my timezone when setting up accounts, all this information should be available on the system already – couldn’t we hide this in gconf matching with the system setting (/etc/localtime should point to the correct timezone by default I think)?

12. Couldn’t the GNOME project branch out all the branding in a seperate package, this would make it trivially easy for distros to replace the GNOME branding with their own – this is fairly important in terms of usability, not confusing the user – “But I installed this Fedora thing.. what is all this GNOME stuff?”. Much nicer than poking the various packages by hand, and it protects the GNOME brand as well as the vendor brand to have them clearly seperated.